Custom development for embedded & mobile embedded products.
 Flatoak supports Android and Windows 8.1 for embedded development targeting new product prototyping.

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Flatoak offers a selection of Windows 8 products to aid in the development of embedded and mobile prototype boards, as well as end products. From Beginner & Learning using the best cost performance Tablet PC, to experienced Developers integrating Windows 8 with new peripherals.   More...


Flatoak offers a selection of services to aid in the development of microprocessor based, end products. This includes custom board development for Windows 8, and Linux Android offerings.   More...

IC Vendors & Partners

IC Vendors

Flatoak works at the strategic level with a selection of IC Vendors that are focused on embedded and mobile microprocessor offerings.   More...


Flatoak works at the strategic level with a selection of Partners that are focused on various Hardware and Software considerations related to embedded and mobile end product.   More...

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Flatoak supports Intel's System Studio 2015 (ISS-2015) recent software tools updates supporting the latest Intel 5th generation processors along with the ITP-XDP3 JTAG Probe for debugging of Intel Core, and Intel Atom processors.

The ISS-2015 debugging solution is optimal for engineers debugging Linux kernel, BIOS bootup, low level driver development, and application development.

Flatoak's support for ITP-XDP JTAG probe

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