Custom development for IoT and embedded mobile products.
 Flatoak supports Android and Windows 10 for IoT development, including initial prototyping.

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Flatoak offers a selection of Windows 10 products to aid in the development of embedded and mobile prototype boards, as well as end products. From Beginner & Learning using the best cost performance Tablet PC, to experienced Developers integrating Windows 10 with new peripherals.   More...


Flatoak offers a selection of services to aid in the development of microprocessor based, end products. This includes custom board development for Windows 10, and Linux Android offerings.   More...

IC Vendors & Partners

IC Vendors

Flatoak works at the strategic level with a selection of IC Vendors that are focused on embedded and mobile microprocessor offerings.   More...


Flatoak works at the strategic level with a selection of Partners that are focused on various Hardware and Software considerations related to embedded and mobile end product.   More...

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Happy New Year greetings from Flatoak Co., Ltd.
Flatoak continues strongly this year to support custom development services targeting IoT for the Japan marketplace.

Flatoak offers iPhone7 and iPhone6 compact projector mobile devices. iPhone series mobile projector

Flatoak continues to offer the latest version of Intel's System Studio 2016 (ISS-2016 & ISS-2017) software tools supporting the most recent Intel processor generations along with the ITP-XDP3 JTAG Probe for debugging of Intel Core, and Intel Atom processors.

The Intel ISS-2016 & ISS-2017 debugging solution is optimal for engineers debugging Linux kernel, BIOS bootup, low level driver development, and application development.

Flatoak's support for ITP-XDP JTAG probe

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