Flatoak (Macraigor Disti.)

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About Macraigor Distribution in Japan

Flatoak Co., Ltd. has been the Macraigor Systems LLC distributor in Japan since November, 2010.

One product line is the usb2Demon JTAG emulator used in the design, debug, and programming of micon (MPU, CPU, and MCU) based embedded systems. The usb2Demon offers a development and debugging tool for OEMs, ODMs, ISPs and new mobile device developers alike.

Key features & benefits:
...A) Improved productivity in Development and Debugging of micon based embedded systems.
...B) Interfaces to Intel, Marvell, ARM, Linux OS, and WinCE OS (Compilers and Debuggers).
...C) Standard Debugger connections via GNU, Eclipse, and JAVA.
...D) Utilities to help easy target board connection and setup for debugging.
...E) Runs on Windows and Linux host PC environments.

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